Laura Frances (Embry) Avery  on left, & Ida (Embry) Davis.  Daughters of Gabriel Lewis & Laura Embry; granddaughters of Gabe & Sureena Embry.   Nobody could smile like Aunt Frances.

Armelia (Embry) Dill.  Daughter of Henry and Mary Lou Embry; granddaughter of Gabe and Elizabeth Embry.   She was known to the family as "Cousin Melie."
Late 1950's Reunion in Springfield, Ohio.  Lots of Ida (Embry) Davis' grandchildren crowded on Uncle Smitty's jeep; hope it wasn't running.    There's Fulton Elementary School in the background.
That's our Reunion staff of officers back in the 1950's in Springfield, Ohio.  Up front from left to right,  I see Aunt Frances Avery, Cousin Ella Davis, Cousin Rachel Gay (I believe) and Aunt Annie Pearl Yates.  All members of the Embry clan.  I can't recognize anyone else in the background; maybe you can.
Photos  -  A look back at Springfield......

Whoa!!  This isn't a photo out of the 1800's.  It's Springfield; and I believe it's around 1955.  Betcha this reunion took a big bite out of crime.  
Don't laugh!  I saw a lot of y'all in the pictures above. 
The Davis Sisters and Teddy, photo taken at Reunion in the late 1950's in Springfield. 

From left to right: 
(1) Cousin Catherine "Teddie"McCrory,
(2) Aunt Jazzie (Davis) Applin;
(3) Aunt Christer B. (Davis) Carpenter;
(4) Aunt Annie Pearl (Davis) Yates;
(5) my mom Rozzie (Davis) Turner; and
(6) Aunt Pinkie Lee (Davis) Truss. 
This has to be the 1950's.  The ladies from left to right are:  (1)  Cousin Earlene (Cunningham) Miller; (2) Aunt Jazzie (Davis) Applin; and (3) mom, Rozzie (Davis) Turner.  I'm gonna take a guess about the two little boys.  I say that's Charles Miller held by his mother, and Doug Miller standing.  Yeah, that's it!!
Pauline (Valentine) and Clinton F. Embry.  We might have gone back past the 1950's here.  But, I'm sure we're still in Springfield. 
Cousin Willie Miller and family.  Hmmm, help me out folks.  I recognize Willie's wife Earlene on Willie's left, and daughter Elizabeth on his right.  Then, there's five handsome guys... Willie's five sons....I think.  And the beautiful little girl?  Is it Willie's grandaughter, Metri.  Oh well, I got nothing!!!  Somebody help me. 
Wayne Embry, outstanding basketball player in high school, college, and the NBA. 
Lois (Embry) Enoch, native of Springfield. 
Bertha (Embry) Bray, 1940 something.  Born in Springfield. 
Hey....what happened to the 1950's?  This fine looking group is Johnnie Mae Fudge and children--great grandchildren of Armelia Embry Dill, "Mother Dill."  Pictured are ladies Twyla (Fudge) Southall, Sherrie (Fudge) Galloway, Johnnie Mae Fudge; and guys Jeffrey, Derrick, Leonard, and Roderick Fudge.
Here's a nice photo.  Eugene "Genie" Yates on left, Vanita Blanchard Gathers at center, and Carolyn "Sally" Yates Jeffries on right.  Photo was taken in Springfield around the mid 1950's.    They are among many grandchildren of Ida (Embry) and Frank Davis.